Our Story

Who we are

Sifa-Kelele music is a fusion of Ugandan rhythms and genres from all over the world. Our music carries a message of inspiration, unity, hope, and love. 

Our vision and mission is to create positive, developmental transformation in the community through the musical message of inspiration, unity, hope and love.

We believe that music is a powerful tool in in just about any sphere in life, so when we sing, we want to love, we want to unite, we want to inspire and we want to entertain! 

“Music can change the world because music changes people…” – Bono  

The start

Left to right: Bridget, Mary, Kathy & Damali

The founder, Mary Sebunya, bore the idea of starting up a band as a guitarist at Watoto Church.

It remained an idea for a number of years until Saturday the 16th of April 2011 when the first meeting was held in Nsambya, a suburb in Uganda.

She was then joined by Catherine Mirembe, Eva Sebunya, Kahunde Samali and Grace Agumisiriza and that’s when the fun ride and song writing began.

Sifa-Kelele had a strong female presence pushing on all angles.